2017 brought us the blackballing of perennial top-tier quarterback Colin Kaepernick over his ‘political’ yet harmless decision to kneel during the national anthem. Then Kaepernick was copied by teammates, players, coaches and administrators in the NFL because they opposed the fine people in the oval office calling them SOBs. That office, which was occupied in January by a womanizer, had an abysmal turnout on Inauguration day. Instead, women were marching for equality and to see POTUS impeached that same weekend. From Inauguration weekend to an unsettling tax bill, your President has made it one full year as @realDonaldTrump. At least the Democratic party swung key, overwhelmingly Republican states back to the left this election season. Hopefully in 2018 we win more elections in an attempt to salvage the seats in Congress, too. This year Time magazine’s coverboy Colin Kaepernick nor my cousin Doug Jones make it atop this list and not Lavar Ball either. Here are the top three stories of 2017:

3. Robert Mueller Investigates Russian Collusion

You might be wondering how this case isn’t number one, but we have to at least wait until the investigation concludes. I won’t go as far as to say ‘innocent until proven guilty’ since there is proof of meddling on behalf of the Trump administration, but he is innocent enough for now. Until 45 is impeached, which unfortunately won’t be in 2017, I can’t bump this one any higher. 1974 saw President Richard Nixon hand over the reigns to Gerald Ford after the Watergate scandal and a presidency similar to this one, so we have to see Mueller’s investigation through. The day POTUS’ Twitter handle deletes “45th President of The United States of America” is when we can rightfully rejoice and bump #3 to #1. It’s the principle on this one.


2. Sexual Harassment Shakes The Professional World

Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K.

Bill O'Reilly, Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose.

Al Franken, John Conyers and child molesting Roy Moore.

Hollywood, Media and Congress all play a role in the second biggest story of 2017. These sparks first flew in 2016 when Trump’s grab them by the p-word Access Hollywood interview leaked, and they ablazened into wildfires by October. Two of 45’s primary enemies in 2017 took hits from the #MeToo movement. The third industry has even been affected on a bipartisan level. Each morning we woke to a new reveal, a different victim and the male assailant’s subsequent fall from grace. In the political sphere, Minnesota Democratic Senator Al Franken is resigning his seat on January 2nd due to allegations of sexual harassment without an ethics committee investigation. Where is the accountability for POTUS then? Women were courageous enough to speak out on their experiences because they wanted to see change. The office of the presidency is occupied by someone who openly admits to disrespecting women and, unlike the aforementioned anchors, politicians and producers, we still have to put up with him. In this case he is guilty and there is no need to look further into it. Top story #2 has received the daily coverage that it deserves, but the #1 spot is reserved for those that need it most.



1. Inequality Sets Aftermath Of Hurricane Maria

Although I wanted #1 to somehow include parenting icon Lavar Ball, I couldn’t neglect the American people in making this decision. On September 20th, jammed in between natural disasters in the American South and the deadliest modern U.S. mass shooting, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands were struck by Hurricane Maria. A Hurricane wiped out two places in America, yet our government left them out to dry. POTUS focused on issues that he deemed more important because it could've been worse. This is the top story of 2017 because since neither island is on the mainland many people forget what awful tragedy took place.

If a natural disaster hits one of the 50 states we hashtag Harvey and send money to reconstruct houses that are destroyed. When it occurs outside of the mainland, those individuals can wait. They can wait to get power, food and water. It shouldn’t take the President over a week to visit victims of natural disaster, but POTUS showed his true colors.

We started off the year discussing equality for African Americans, women and members of the LGBTQIA communities, but we must end it by discussing resolutions for the American people in our nation islands. Trump has attempted to ban equal opportunity for athletes, dreamers and immigrants. This time millions are still left without power because he and the government haven’t cared as much as they would for people apart of the union. Maria victims aren’t being treated the way Houston is being reconciled, or how Las Vegas victims were consoled. This ongoing issue highlighted the central glaring theme of 2017. Today America is still not equal, and it starts with the head of state.



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