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Season 1


Season 1


Season 1

This interview based podcast features notable figures who not only have unique personal stories, but also knowledge of the most pressing cultural and societal topics—some being discussed heavily and others that need more of a voice. The show and its timely conversations are needed in the world because the more the issues circulate the easier it is to take actions to foster change. So don’t let the conversations die, we have to max them out.

It’s Max Out Time!


Episode 1: Impossible Is Nothing

Imagine having your own dorm room at 13, being the youngest to pledge your fraternity at 16 and receiving your Master’s Degree at 17 while your closest friends are still scrambling for their junior prom dates. 

Can't wrap your head around this unlikely series of feats? Well, look no further than Ty Hobson-Powell from Washington, D.C. He is living proof of sports apparel manufacturer Adidas’ slogan: 'Impossible Is Nothing.'

Please join this episode's discussion with 'Shimmying Ty' on achieving your dreams, the Historically Black College and University experience and also Washington D.C. sports.

If you wish to continue following Hobson-Powell's journey through Law School, please add him on Twitter @TyHobsonPowell and Instagram @kappaalphaty

Episode 2: Breaking Boxing's Barriers

"This is a man’s world,"- The Godfather of Soul, James Brown.

If former IFBA Junior Featherweight Champion Lisa ‘Too Fierce’ Foster (now Cohen) heard you utter these infamous yet taboo lyrics, Momma Lisa might say ‘knock you out.’ 

The first female boxing champ out of D.C. brought the scoop straight to the set while she promoted her book and community activism in addition to talking a little hand to hand combat. 

Please join this week’s edition of Max Out Time With AJ II discussing women’s empowerment and bridging the wage gap in professional sports plus the keys to properly placing your wagers on the marquee ‘boxing’ event of the year.

You can purchase a copy of Cohen’s memoir Being Too Fierce, One Woman’s Incredible Journey from Foster Child to World Championship Boxer in stores now. For more information on Cohen’s advocacy in the community, please visit

Episode 3: Walters Is History In the making

Ever felt like your local politicians were out of touch with society? Have you wanted someone who could empathize with the common people’s wants and needs? 

Hashim Walters, the voice of the millennials, is the perfect solution to these issues in politics today. This recent graduate of Birmingham Southern College just declared his candidacy to run for Mayor of New Orleans, and he is ready to shock the world. 

Join this week's episode of Max Out Time featuring Hashim '4 the people, 4 the culture, '4 mayor.'' Tune in as we explore Walters’ plans for the NOLA, which are deeply rooted within repairing the city 12 years after Hurricane Katrina. 

He is already a viral sensation, but somehow wasn’t attributed for his political pursuits when this video was trending recently on social media. So here he is, @Hashim4Mayor, on a special edition phone conversation w/AJ II. 

Like, retweet and share @Hashim4Mayor and his story on your accounts! Spread the word to friends, family and colleagues in New Orleans. We gotta get him in; there is no excuse. 

If you are with me in supporting Walters' campaign, share this podcast episode with your networks. For more voting information, please visit

episode 4: She Inspires

Black Girls Rock because of people like ScholarCHIPS Founder and Executive Director, Yasmine Arrington. After losing her mother and seeing her father in prison for most of her life, Yasmine began a nonprofit organization to aid children with incarcerated parents in their pursuits of higher education.

Her advocacy and selflessness has awarded Yazzie many accolades, and launched her successful career as a motivational speaker, media personality and model. Coupled with her degree in Strategic Communications from Elon University, Yazzie has used her story and platform to create both a radio and television show because her goal is to one day have a career like Oprah’s.

In addition to her career in media, Yasmine is studying Theology and wants to obtain her preacher’s license. Join this week's episode of Max Out Time, where we discuss the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the professional modeling scene and some of D.C.’s most prominent young stars like herself.

Please support the ScholarCHIPS movement and follow @scholarCHIPS on social media. Additionally, follow @yazziespeaks for her upcoming appearances and shows around the district.

Episode 5: One lesson at a time

NBA legend Grant Hill said sports are a microcosm of life. Whether it’s through his stockpile of “how-to” blog posts or connecting student-athletes with resources to succeed off the court, author and entrepreneur Malcolm Lemmons provides us with microcosms everyday.

Lemmons’ newly released book, entitled “Lessons from the Game,” is an in-depth log of events that helped shape his life. The former professional athlete turned businessman and public figure now hustles to guide athletes following similar paths.

Episode five of Max Out Time jumps straight into writing and publishing a book, explores the professional athlete experience in East Asia and reacts to the shocking news from the Kevin Hart apology.

Please subscribe to for updates on his work and media appearances. Follow @MalcolmLemmons on social media for daily content as well.

 "Lessons from the Game" is also available on Amazon now!

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Section 2


Season 2

From a paraplegic rap superstar to the radio and podcast producer who is helping women recognize that 'time's up,' Season 2 has all the topics needed to kick off your 2018 the right way.


Episode 6: Reclaiming The City

Darius Butler was proclaimed the ‘real’ wheelchair jimmy, and now he sets out to sell as many records as his Degrassi doppelgänger, Drake, one day.

Faced with life-threatening circumstances after being shot five times leaving a house party in 2008, Butler launched his solo rap career and clothing label 13 Wheels.

Still repping Uptown D.C. with his 8-year-old daughter and family, this stay-at-home-dad continues to produce hit after hit ‘for the city.’ Season 2 of Max Out Time kicks off with the local rap artist’ take on gogo, mumbo sauce and the former club scene down by the Zanzibar.

For more on Darius please follow him @Dalegendarius on IG and @Finesser_X on Twitter. Also download his self-entitled mixtape on Spinrilla

Episode 7: He's A Survivor

Life can take a turn for the worst when you least expect it. Isiah Dixon led a normal life before his leukemia diagnosis. At 15, Isiah was hit hard by cancer and although his life was altered, he never let his guard down.

After nine straight months spent in a children’s hospital bed, Isiah finally had brighter days to look to. The Trojan freshman has a normal life again, going to football games and even picking back up the lacrosse stick as well. But most importantly he is helping kids like himself and younger who can’t afford their hospital expenses, with his non-profit organization Team Isiah Foundation.

You won’t meet a brighter young man with a million-dollar smile, who is one month out of remission, so tune in to the latest episode of Max Out Time for a conversation on the Team Isiah Foundation, life after cancer and Isiah’s message for those fighting the good fight.

Please follow @teamisiahfoundation and @isiah_dixon, if you would like additional updates. 


Episode 8: somos iguales

It takes courage to move away from home for college, but after staying in the states for work, Raquel Victoria Maria Maldonado Navarro watched her home suffer its most devastating losses on the news and social media while she was nearly 4,000 miles away in San Francisco.

Her home, the nation island of Puerto Rico, was hit by the most destructive natural disaster since Katrina in September, but the recent tragedy has been overlooked due to other massacres on the mainland.

On this episode of Max Out Time, Harvard grad and former president of La Organización De Puertorriqueños en Harvard, Raquel Navarro, and I bring you an in-depth discussion on the hurricane’s effects on the Puerto Rican government, infrastructure, and most importantly its citizens, some still without power. 

Episode 9: Capturing The Moments

If 2017 taught anyone how to shoot their shot, it would be Bleacher Report Social Moments Associate Editor Martell Pegues. He used Twitter and social networking to land his ‘dream job.’ 

Martell is a former sports writer for the Washington Informer and the creator of, but his best creations are gifs (like gift but drop the t). Perhaps anything is possible when you stay in your future boss’ mentions with potential content, or build mentorships with your idols through direct messaging. 
Please join episode nine of Max Out Time to hear Martell’s wisdom and guidance for the social butterfly in us all. We discuss the evolution of Facebook, the top five Twitter users in pro sports and the meaning behind Bleacher Report’s ‘social moments’ phrase.

For more information on Martell please follow him on social media @_martellin or @BleacherReport

Episode 10: Time's Up Now

Word on the street is The W Podcast is giving out buckets and taking names. Thanks to Executive Producer, Princess Streeter, women’s basketball and societal issues are at the forefront of this SoundCloud production. 

The Sirius XM Radio and former ESPN 980 Producer is serving listeners with her knowledge on the game and beyond. Princess stopped in to school us on inequality and harassment in the workplace, no matter if it’s on the court or the big screen.

Please join episode 10 of Max Out Time for a deeper dive into women’s rights and sexual misconduct across all industries. We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of taking one’s talents overseas, the #Oprah2020 movement, pressing forward and speaking out after assault and more.

For more on Princess and The W podcast, follow @pbStreet_ or @theWpodcast_ on Twitter.