When you watch sports, awards shows, or anything else where there is a winner selected you can usually foresee who one is thankful for. In an acceptance speech, it’s rare that a person doesn’t thank his/her mother for getting he/she this far.

We all have one, and for the most part we grew up with one, too. Whether you live in a conventional two-parent home or your mother is a strong, hardworking b-a-b-y m-a-m-a, one typically has love and respect for their matriarch — unconditionally.

In sports, though, there is an underlying tone that creeps in during feel-good moments where a superstar player is doing it ‘for moms,’ and we see it all the time.

We wouldn’t have an appreciation for the ‘Real MVP’ if it weren’t for KD’s acceptance speech in 2014. His mother raised him and his brother primarily by herself while they were growing up right outside of D.C.

Then there is the athlete who makes it, and in the exact instant he signs a pro contract, an exotic car is waiting for her at the house. Or even a new house.

Leonard Fournette, who was taken fourth overall in the 2017 NFL Draft and is projected to be the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year by many, is a father to two children — but before anything, he was first his mother's son.

On Draft night, he purchased a Mercedes Benz for her that is worth over $110,000. Houston Texans first round pick Deshaun Watson, in similar fashion, surprised his mother with a Jaguar of her own.

Parents frequently make their kids join extracurricular activities to keep them busy, or off of the streets, as The Beard’s mother put it recently. I'd say Harden turned out alright.

We shouldn't ever take for granted a mother’s love for her children. Even though it may seem like she is coddling a little too much at times, it’s true that mother knows best.

It's just an everyday sacrifice for them. Not part-time and never temporary.

The only satisfaction that a mother needs is the satisfaction she gets from her kids.

It's her motivation, and her drive to achieve — for them. Just like in sports, her one dream, her goal, is to reach the top of the mothering ranks.

Mothers everywhere achieve that goal. Not five, not six, not seven... but every day of each year. If Mother’s Day had a hall of fame, they’d all be going in the hall.

Moms are the strongest women in the world, and there is no debate to it. Physically, they carry a human inside of them for nine months, sometimes even longer. That precedent is unparalleled.

After carrying their child, women foster and nourish the bodies and minds of their kids with unwavering love and support.

When a young boy is taught how to treat a lady, be respectful, and act like a gentleman — at all times — he does so with his mother first, last and always. That’s why the mother-son bond is so strong.

We are attached to our mothers from the start, and then grow with them, seeing their struggles turn into our reason why.

I want to take a moment to recognize all the mothers out there on this Mother’s Day, especially my own. My phenomenal woman.

You are my everything. My world revolves around your happiness.

Here's a quick message to all moms being celebrated today:

There’s no way we can pay you back, but our plan is to show you that we understand you are appreciated.....


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